Hard Water

Hard water contains minute particles of dissolved calcium, magnesium and in some cases, iron. Most homes have hard water, and it doesn't matter whether its supplied by a private well or a Municipal Water District. In many cases, homeowners and business owners either don't realize they have a hard water problem, or they don't realize the damage it can do on a continual basis.

Most people actually can see the obvious signs of hard water, but they blame the problem on inadequate cleaners and detergents, or poorly performing appliances. At that point, most resign themselves that the problem just can't be solved. They learn to live with dry skin and hair, rings around the bathtub, water spots on glasses, silverware and dishes, clothing that comes out dull and dingy. Hard water can effect the overall performance and even longevity of your dish washer, washing machine, even your hot water heater. Most people just don't realize how much time, money and energy is wasted fighting the battle against a hard water problem.

So, take the first step and find out just how hard your water really is. Click the button for a Free Water Test, and your local Southern California Kinetico Dealer can arrange an on-site water analysis.

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