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K5 Drinking Water Station

This state of the art, reverse osmosis system was designed to answer even the toughest water quality challenges. When you own a K5, you know you are doing all you can to provide your family with the highest quality water possible - and at the best price.

Why is the K5 the best choice, and why is it better than any of the other options?

The K5 is certified to remove more contaminants than any other reverse osmosis system on the market. The K5 is designed with a multi-stage filter system that is fully customisable and able to meet any specific water challenges you might face. The K5 also employs the patented EverClean® Rinse system to clean itself with the same high-quality it produces, keeping the K5 in top working order.

Why is the K5 so unique? The K5 also features QuickFlo® technology which enable it to deliver a strong, steady stream of high-quality water, right when you want it. In fact, the K5 produces more water and at a faster rate than any other comparable system. The K5 also works very efficiently and produces minimal waste, which keeps your water system environmentally responsible. The K5 literally only costs pennies per gallon.

Your K5 Drinking Water Station also includes features like the MACguard Filter and PureMometer® filter life indicator which lets you know when it's time to change the filters. Your K5 is also designed with quick-disconnect filter cartridges to make changing filters easy.

The K5 easily installs under your sink, or any other convenient location and dispenses pure, clean drinking water through a dedicated, lead-free designer faucet available in a wide variety of finishes to match your existing decor.

The K5 is smartly designed to be both convenient, as well as economical. It provides an abundant supply of high-quality water, is easy to maintain, and provides the best-tasting water for just pennies per gallon.

If you would like to to find out more about this incredible drinking water system, call your local Riverside, San Bernardino, or Orange County Kinetico Dealer today to set up an appointment for a free onsite water test.

Kinetico Series Water Softeners

Powered by the energy of moving water

While many features of the Kinetico Series water softeners make them unique, they are probably best know for completely electricity free. There is absolutely nothing to plug in, you don't have to push any buttons, and you don't have any adjustments to make. They are simply powered by the water moving through them.

Kinetico Series water softeners regenerate to ensure you always have a supply of soft water. You'll never run out of soft water - even if you have a house full of guests, or you do multiple loads of laundry. Your system also stay ready without using water, or wasting salt while the water is turned off.

With Kinetico's multiple tanks system, you'll have plenty of soft water, even during the regeneration process. One tank is always in service while the other is either on standby, or regenerating. You can't get this type of performance with a single tank system.

Kinetico Series water softeners are also built to handle the toughest challenges of hard water. Many Kinetico models are even designed to remove the chlorine and other particulate matter in addition to softening your water. Just ask your Riverside, San Bernardino, or Orange County Kinetico professional which model is right for you. Plus, no matter which Kinetico Series system you choose, you can expect years and years of maintenance free soft water.

Kinetico home water systems are third-party certified to perform as promised and are backed by one of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Kinetico Saltless Water Systems

Solving water problems without the use of salt or chemicals

Kinetico Saltless Water Systems provide a great alternative for people who prefer to refrain from adding salt or chemicals to fix their water difficulties. Our ingenious and proven Scale Reduction System (or SRS) keeps performance-sapping scale from running up energy costs and prematurely damaging appliances. Our whole house systems can handle everything from iron, hardness and odor-causing impurities to viruses, bacteria and cysts. Call us for a no-obligation, complete analysis of your water to see which options will work best for you.

Scale Reduction Systems(SRS)

The Kinetico Scale Reduction System uses proven science to help prevent scale buildup where it can do the most harm. The SRS works to reduce the ability of minerals in your water to create scale, and it does all of this in a compact unit without the need for salt or chemicals.



RO Whole House Membrane System

The TX Membrane System is a saltless solution for solving a variety of water problems.

The TX Membrane System tackles a variety of water challenges. The semipermeable membrane traps contaminants, iron, hardness and odor-causing impurities, leaving you with clean, clear, usable water. The TX System picks up where other water treatment options have failed.



UV Whole House Disinfection System

KUV systems disinfect your water.

If your water is plagued with viruses, bacteria and cysts, you need to disinfect your water. Water passes through the KUV system and is exposed to intense ultraviolet light, which kills the microorganisms and makes your water microbiologically safe to drink.




A Kinetico customer comments about her Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station, "I can definitely taste the difference. You can see the difference."
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